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Reasons to Employ Protech Immigration
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Why choose PROTECH?

You may ask why would I chose PROTECH instead of some other immigration consulting company in Canada. That is a very valid question and we wanted to explain it here in few reasonable statements for you to review and then make educated decission by yourself.

      Our honest "open book" policy makes PROTECH a very popular Canadian Immigration Consultancy Services company not only in Canada but known internationally as well.

      To remain highly competitive and to provide highest level of business and immigration service, Protech is a member of several recognized organization. See our Accreditaion Page for more details.

      In every country -- including Canada -- the rules and procedures of Government are in a constant state of change. Our team of professionals provide the most up-to-date and accurate guidance regarding immigration, from the filing of an application to the settlement and placement in Canada. This gives you (our client) a peace of mind that process will be started, monitored, followed up and finished accordingly.

      The Federal Government of Canada has vested the Visa Officer with the sole authority to grant and/or refuse the Immigrant Visa. Our professional consultants prepare clients with proper counselling on interview techniques, in order to avoid rejection.

      PROTECH provides a free evaluation and assessment of potential client's qualifications to assure acceptance by immigration authorities.

      We help our clients to adjust and fit into the mainstream of society by providing education regarding Canadian lifestyles, and the "do's and don'ts" of Canadian culture.

      PROTECH continuously invests into education of employees who are working for PROTECH to ensure the best quality experts and the best quality service.

      We believe in the North American adage that says: "The customer is King" and our motto is: "Provide superior customer service and guidance!"

ICCRC Approved

CAPIC Approved

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