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Protech Publishes New Website To Better Service Their Clients

Toronto, June 12, 2010 To further improve level of service that Protech Immigration Consulting Ltd. (Protech) has been providing for years, Protech has published new website. New site has many more pages and several new sections that certainly offer much more information.

"Information is the Power, and Protech must provide as much information as possible to all those visitors that come to Protech website", said Mr. Lepki project Manager for the new website. Therefore, new site offers several completely new section including this particular section that will provide visitors with related news that are closely related not only to Immigration in Canada, but other resources that are closely related like Employment and Education.

"If you don't update your website on regular basis, then your visitors have no reason to come back to your website, because they know what they will find", added Mr. Lepki.

Every page on the site offers related pages at the bottom of the page and offering visitors even more information. Accreditations have been explain in more details. These are industry respected organizations where potential clients can check Protech's Credibility.

In addition to these, several new forms have been added for further web usability improvement and user friendly layout.

Protech welcomes comments and suggestions (visit contact page) for further improvement and better communication between Protech and their clients.

(Source: Protech Immigration Publication)

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