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Finding Jobs in Canada

Preparation is the key - preparing for employment in Canada by following several important steps. Even if you are a well-qualified professional or tradesperson in your home country, you do not automatically have the right to practice and work in Canada. For example, those working in regulated professions and trades such as medicine and engineering in their home country will need to get provincial or territorial licences in order to work in their profession or trade in Canada.

In most cases, you will need to have your credentials assessed to see if you need more training, education or experience. The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials can help you assess your credentials. You can also find more information by using the Working in Canada Tool and through the Foreign Credentials Referral Office.

The links below will help you organize your work-related documents, learn about how to find a job and prepare to work in Canada.

  • Important documents

  • If you are coming to Canada to work, you should bring any documents you have that are related to your education and work experience. There are many organizations that may ask you for them, including agencies that assess your credentials, schools and employers.
  • Finding a job in Canada

  • You should research the prospects and opportunities for your occupation and how to apply for jobs in Canada before you arrive.
  • Prepare to work in Canada

  • This questionnaire and checklist will help you prepare to work in Canada before you arrive.

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