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Immigrate to Canada / Business Immigration
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Business Immigration Assessment - Skilled workers (Professionals) are selected as permanent residents based on their education, work experience, knowledge of English and/or French, and other criteria that have been shown to help them become economically established in Canada. It is based on the point system and the more points are obtained the better chances person has in order to immigrate to Canada as a Business Class Immigration.

We recommed that the form below is complted and submitted online for our review and assessment. Please note: the Federal Skilled Worker Program is for people coming to any part of Canada except Quebec. The province of Quebec is responsible for selecting its own skilled workers. For more information on immigrating to the provice on Quebec, please see our Immigrating to Quebec, Canada as a Quebec-selected skilled workers.

Personal Information
Full Name:
Correct Email Address:
Phone Number:
Country Of Residence:
Date Of Birth: 
Personal Net Worth
Enter Currency:
Net Worth:
Management Experience
During any two of the last five years:
Do you have management experience? Yes     No                                              
Have you owned a business? Yes     No                                              
Questions / Comments
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